What Should I Do When My Diamond Painting Kit Comes?

We as a whole anxiously anticipate for our precious stone work of art units to show up via the post office for what once in a while appears to be an unfathomable length of time and a day! Yet, before you tear open your bundle and begin putting those little precious stones on your material, there are a couple of things that you ought to do immediately to guarantee that your jewel painting experience is first rate. Likewise, if there are any issues with your pack you’ll need to ensure that you can get them revised right away.

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Do These Things Right Away

Here is your agenda for your precious stone work of art unit appearance:

Try not to Throw Away The External Packaging/Invoice


Be certain not to promptly discard your outside bundling alongside your receipt/receipt. If there is an issue with your precious stone composition pack, the store’s/site’s client service group from which your arranged may require it as a source of perspective for request check purposes. Other significant data, for example, your following number and request number will be on/in the bundle which you may require too.

Verify Whether The Canvas Is In Good Condition

There isn’t anything more terrible than beginning your jewel painting magnum opus just to understand that your material is deficient, harmed or in any case not in great request. Ensure you completely check the two sides of your material to guarantee that it is reasonable to start your precious stone canvas.

*Pro Tip: Only draw back the segment of the defensive covering on the space of the material that you are chipping away at. Try not to eliminate the whole cover on the double.

Do An Audit To Make Sure You Have All Of Your Beads/Diamonds

Watch that rundown twice! Ensure you get your stock sheet and do a review to guarantee that the entirety of your globules/jewels are available. Be certain that you have the entirety of the necessary tones and the right number of each. There isn’t anything more awful than getting to the furthest limit of your task just to understand that you are feeling the loss of certain jewels; and now trusting that substitutions will wrap up. So help yourself out and check immediately since, in such a case that your unit sent from abroad, the substitutions could require up to 2-3 weeks show up.

Check Your Tools

Remember to check your instruments and ensure that they’re totally represented and ready to rock ‘n roll. It’s somewhat hard to complete your precious stone artistic creation project on the off chance that you don’t have the entirety of the devices that you need…

You can likewise see the Top 6 Tools that each precious stone painter ought to have, here.

What Items Should Be Included In My Kit?

We specially make certain our precious stone canvas packs from quality, dependable and trustworthy providers. We ensure that when we get a jewel painting unit that the accompanying things are incorporated (indeed, some are somewhat self-evident yet we should make certain to cover the entirety of our premise here):

The solicit to chip away at

Globules/jewels arranged likewise Broderie diamant personnalisée with their separate codes

DMC shading reference (A4 size paper which fills in as the appropriate response key between the material images and dabs)

A Diamond Painting Pen

A Drill Tray

Gum cement

beginning pack

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How Should I Respond If I’m Missing Something?

No concerns, your precious stone work of art provider ought to have amicable and accommodating client service that will sort this out for you immediately (if not, you might need to consider requesting from elsewhere).

Perhaps the most well-known “issues” with a precious stone work of art request is that a few dabs/jewels are absent. Most jewel painting stores will essentially ask your for: your request number, what color(s) you are missing (square or round drill), and the number of that you need. The entirety of this data can be found on your shading stock sheet.


While they are significantly less normal, there are different issues that can happen. They can incorporate a harmed or faulty material or devices, slick globules or ones that are stayed together, or essentially some unacceptable plan or something other than what’s expected than what you requested. Simply make certain to save your receipt and contact the store’s client care quickly. These are issues are constantly made right (FREE OF CHARGE) so ensure that you are utilizing providers that make the best decision on the off chance that you have an issue! Likewise, before you go remember to look at the best places to get your jewel painting packs from:

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